Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Dixie Flyers WingNutsDixie Flyers Crash LandingM1
2Outrun We Are FamilyHappily Evfur After HEA The EndM1
3Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Running WildOn the Flipside FLIPSIDE MulticulturalM1
4Rabid Fire PyromaniacsBC Boomerangs BASHR3
5Good2Go Flyball Shoe SmugglersRocket City Racers - Cosmic StraysR3
6Fur in a Blur ZiroccoRevolution Flyball Splinter CellO5
7A.R.F.F. Muttley CrewCanine Dirt Diggers QuicksandO5
8Animal Inn HawkNew River Rapids Without A Paddle O3
9Omaha Speedracers StaffiePowerAll Revd Up AfterburnerO3
10Alamo Racing Canines Don't Mess With Texas***BYE***R5
11Long Island Road Rage NonstopHappy Hurdlers SkipR5
12PSF Next of KinSkidmarkz Tail WindO1
13Unorthodogs Ignition SequenceRuff Enuff Ruff Enuff OpenO1
14Go Dog Go One Pup Two PupBC Boomerangs NOR'EASTERSO12
15RUSH! When Pugs Fly!Dixie Flyers BarnStormersO12
16Blue Ridge Blast UnpluggedFur in a Blur Gale ForceR1
17DogGoneFast ExhibitionistsDisorderly Conduct IronO6
18Pawmetto Pack Wide OpenRabid Fire HydrophobiacsO6
19Syracuse Syracuse Orange CrushBaystate Bandits LawlessO7
20Happy Hurdlers JumpNew River Express Dysfunction Junction O9
21Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Born to Be WildSkidmarkz Fire in the HoleR1
22Fur Fun Fun & GamesNew River Rapids SwampedO9
23Mutter Chaos DisarrayAll Revd Up Turn N BurnO7
24Music City Road Dogs Iron ManOutrun Fire and RainR2
25Turbo Paws PowertrainFur in a Blur ZephyrR2
26NAFA GhostTexas Twisters EF5 - Finger of GodO8
27Rocket City Racers - Luna RoversBarkaholics Hold Your LickerO8
28Good2Go Flyball Leeroy Jenkins!PSF Perfect PairingsO4
29Surf City Flyball GromsQuick Silver Dan's FansO4
30BC Boomerangs COBBERSHappy Hurdlers HopR4
31Ball Driven Bandits BanditsRockin Flyball Gang Loco MotionR4
32Pawmetto Pack No DoodleNo Speed Limit - Speeding TicketO11
33Bad Company Packing HeatOutrun On The Road AgainO11
34New River Rapids Nut Dream TeamFur in a Blur CycloneO2
35Unorthodogs UnOpenedBay Racers Road TripO2
36Two-Lane Highway Winnie and the WonderdogsTurbo Paws DownforceO10
37RF Revolution Even FlowLong Island Road Rage RoundtripO10
38Dixie Flyers Crash LandingOn the Flipside FLIPSIDE MulticulturalM1
39Happily Evfur After HEA The EndAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Running WildM1
40Mile High Velo-City Pure EnergyAlamo Racing Canines Don't Mess With TexasR5
41BC Boomerangs BASHNo Speed Limit - Light SpeedR3
42Lone Star Ruffnecks Rig RatsAnimal Inn HawkO3
43New River Rapids Without A Paddle Omaha Speedracers StaffiePowerO3
44Canine Dirt Diggers QuicksandFur in a Blur ZiroccoO5
45Rocket City Racers - Cosmic StraysRabid Fire PyromaniacsR3
46***BYE***Long Island Road Rage NonstopR5
47Dixie Flyers WingNutsOutrun We Are FamilyM1
48Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Flash FreezeA.R.F.F. Muttley CrewO5
49Fur Fun Open Fur BusinessUnorthodogs Ignition SequenceO1
50Ruff Enuff Ruff Enuff OpenPSF Next of KinO1
51Two-Lane Highway Low ridersRUSH! When Pugs Fly!O12
52Happily Evfur After HEA Furry TalesDogGoneFast ExhibitionistsO6
53BC Boomerangs NO WORRIESSyracuse Syracuse Orange CrushO7
54Disorderly Conduct IronPawmetto Pack Wide OpenO6
55Skidmarkz Fire in the HoleBlue Ridge Blast UnpluggedR1
56Dixie Flyers BarnStormersGo Dog Go One Pup Two PupO12
57E-Z-Goin' ST ExpressAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Born to Be WildR1
58Baystate Bandits LawlessMutter Chaos DisarrayO7
59Ball Driven Bandits OutlawsHappy Hurdlers JumpO9
60New River Express Dysfunction Junction Fur Fun Fun & GamesO9
61Fur in a Blur Zephyr***BYE***R2
62No Speed Limit - Speeding TicketBad Company Packing HeatO11
63Syracuse Syracuse Power PlayGood2Go Flyball Leeroy Jenkins!O4
64Outrun Fire and RainTurbo Paws PowertrainR2
65Texas Twisters EF5 - Finger of GodRocket City Racers - Luna RoversO8
66Skidmarkz Back DraftNAFA GhostO8
67Mutter Chaos Weim CrimesPawmetto Pack No DoodleO11
68Music City Road Dogs Iron ButterflyBC Boomerangs COBBERSR4
69PSF Perfect PairingsSurf City Flyball GromsO4
70Happy Hurdlers HopBall Driven Bandits BanditsR4
71Weston Whirlwinds ThunderTwo-Lane Highway Winnie and the WonderdogsO10
72No Speed Limit - Light SpeedGood2Go Flyball Shoe SmugglersR3
73Happily Evfur After HEA BRat PackNew River Rapids Nut Dream TeamO2
74Fur in a Blur CycloneUnorthodogs UnOpenedO2
75Turbo Paws DownforceRF Revolution Even FlowO10
76All Revd Up AfterburnerLone Star Ruffnecks Rig RatsO3
77On the Flipside FLIPSIDE MulticulturalDixie Flyers WingNutsM1
78Revolution Flyball Splinter CellAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Flash FreezeO5
79Happy Hurdlers SkipMile High Velo-City Pure EnergyR5
80Skidmarkz Tail WindFur Fun Open Fur BusinessO1
81BC Boomerangs NOR'EASTERSTwo-Lane Highway Low ridersO12
82Rabid Fire HydrophobiacsHappily Evfur After HEA Furry TalesO6
83Omaha Speedracers StaffiePowerAnimal Inn HawkO3
84Long Island Road Rage NonstopAlamo Racing Canines Don't Mess With TexasR5
85PSF Next of KinUnorthodogs Ignition SequenceO1
86Fur in a Blur Gale ForceE-Z-Goin' ST ExpressR1
87Outrun We Are FamilyAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Running WildM1
88New River Rapids SwampedBall Driven Bandits OutlawsO9
89Go Dog Go One Pup Two PupRUSH! When Pugs Fly!O12
90***BYE***Music City Road Dogs Iron ManR2
91Dixie Flyers Crash LandingHappily Evfur After HEA The EndM1
92All Revd Up Turn N BurnBC Boomerangs NO WORRIESO7
93Pawmetto Pack Wide OpenDogGoneFast ExhibitionistsO6
94Rocket City Racers - Luna RoversNAFA GhostO8
95Barkaholics Hold Your LickerSkidmarkz Back DraftO8
96Outrun On The Road AgainMutter Chaos Weim CrimesO11
97Quick Silver Dan's FansSyracuse Syracuse Power PlayO4
98Fur in a Blur ZiroccoA.R.F.F. Muttley CrewO5
99Blue Ridge Blast UnpluggedAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Born to Be WildR1
100Rockin Flyball Gang Loco MotionMusic City Road Dogs Iron ButterflyR4
101Long Island Road Rage RoundtripWeston Whirlwinds ThunderO10
102Bay Racers Road TripHappily Evfur After HEA BRat PackO2
103Fur Fun Fun & GamesHappy Hurdlers JumpO9
104Rocket City Racers - Cosmic StraysNo Speed Limit - Light SpeedR3
105Ball Driven Bandits BanditsBC Boomerangs COBBERSR4
106Surf City Flyball GromsGood2Go Flyball Leeroy Jenkins!O4
107New River Rapids Without A Paddle Lone Star Ruffnecks Rig RatsO3
108Canine Dirt Diggers QuicksandAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Flash FreezeO5
109***BYE***Mile High Velo-City Pure EnergyR5
110Fur in a Blur ZephyrOutrun Fire and RainR2
111Disorderly Conduct IronHappily Evfur After HEA Furry TalesO6
112Mutter Chaos DisarraySyracuse Syracuse Orange CrushO7
113Ruff Enuff Ruff Enuff OpenFur Fun Open Fur BusinessO1
114Bad Company Packing HeatPawmetto Pack No DoodleO11
115Good2Go Flyball Shoe SmugglersBC Boomerangs BASHR3
116RF Revolution Even FlowTwo-Lane Highway Winnie and the WonderdogsO10
117Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Running WildDixie Flyers WingNutsM1
118Skidmarkz Fire in the HoleE-Z-Goin' ST ExpressR1
119New River Express Dysfunction Junction Ball Driven Bandits OutlawsO9
120Turbo Paws PowertrainMusic City Road Dogs Iron ManR2
121Unorthodogs UnOpenedNew River Rapids Nut Dream TeamO2
122Animal Inn HawkAll Revd Up AfterburnerO3
123DogGoneFast ExhibitionistsRabid Fire HydrophobiacsO6
124Baystate Bandits LawlessBC Boomerangs NO WORRIESO7
125No Speed Limit - Speeding TicketMutter Chaos Weim CrimesO11
126PSF Perfect PairingsSyracuse Syracuse Power PlayO4
127Dixie Flyers BarnStormersTwo-Lane Highway Low ridersO12
128Happily Evfur After HEA The EndOn the Flipside FLIPSIDE MulticulturalM1
129Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Born to Be WildFur in a Blur Gale ForceR1
130Texas Twisters EF5 - Finger of GodSkidmarkz Back DraftO8
131Happy Hurdlers HopMusic City Road Dogs Iron ButterflyR4
132Turbo Paws DownforceWeston Whirlwinds ThunderO10
133A.R.F.F. Muttley CrewRevolution Flyball Splinter CellO5
134No Speed Limit - Light SpeedRabid Fire PyromaniacsR3
135RUSH! When Pugs Fly!BC Boomerangs NOR'EASTERSO12
136Outrun We Are FamilyDixie Flyers Crash LandingM1
137NAFA GhostBarkaholics Hold Your LickerO8
138Fur in a Blur CycloneHappily Evfur After HEA BRat PackO2
139Unorthodogs Ignition SequenceSkidmarkz Tail WindO1
140Mile High Velo-City Pure EnergyLong Island Road Rage NonstopR5
141Happy Hurdlers JumpNew River Rapids SwampedO9
142Good2Go Flyball Leeroy Jenkins!Quick Silver Dan's FansO4
143Lone Star Ruffnecks Rig RatsOmaha Speedracers StaffiePowerO3
144BC Boomerangs COBBERSRockin Flyball Gang Loco MotionR4
145Outrun Fire and Rain***BYE***R2
146Syracuse Syracuse Orange CrushAll Revd Up Turn N BurnO7
147Happily Evfur After HEA Furry TalesPawmetto Pack Wide OpenO6
148Fur Fun Open Fur BusinessPSF Next of KinO1
149Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Flash FreezeFur in a Blur ZiroccoO5
150Two-Lane Highway Winnie and the WonderdogsLong Island Road Rage RoundtripO10
151Alamo Racing Canines Don't Mess With TexasHappy Hurdlers SkipR5
152E-Z-Goin' ST ExpressBlue Ridge Blast UnpluggedR1
153New River Rapids Nut Dream TeamBay Racers Road TripO2
154BC Boomerangs NO WORRIESMutter Chaos DisarrayO7
155Syracuse Syracuse Power PlaySurf City Flyball GromsO4
156Pawmetto Pack No DoodleOutrun On The Road AgainO11
157Ball Driven Bandits OutlawsFur Fun Fun & GamesO9
158Music City Road Dogs Iron ManFur in a Blur ZephyrR2
159Skidmarkz Back DraftRocket City Racers - Luna RoversO8
160Two-Lane Highway Low ridersGo Dog Go One Pup Two PupO12
161Dixie Flyers WingNutsHappily Evfur After HEA The EndM1
162All Revd Up AfterburnerNew River Rapids Without A Paddle O3
163Weston Whirlwinds ThunderRF Revolution Even FlowO10
164Mutter Chaos Weim CrimesBad Company Packing HeatO11
165Revolution Flyball Splinter CellCanine Dirt Diggers QuicksandO5
166Rabid Fire HydrophobiacsDisorderly Conduct IronO6
167Music City Road Dogs Iron ButterflyBall Driven Bandits BanditsR4
168BC Boomerangs BASHRocket City Racers - Cosmic StraysR3
169Fur in a Blur Gale ForceSkidmarkz Fire in the HoleR1
170Dixie Flyers Crash LandingAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Running WildM1
171Happily Evfur After HEA BRat PackUnorthodogs UnOpenedO2
172New River Rapids SwampedNew River Express Dysfunction Junction O9
173Quick Silver Dan's FansPSF Perfect PairingsO4
174***BYE***Turbo Paws PowertrainR2
175Rockin Flyball Gang Loco MotionHappy Hurdlers HopR4
176On the Flipside FLIPSIDE MulticulturalOutrun We Are FamilyM1
177All Revd Up Turn N BurnBaystate Bandits LawlessO7
178Rabid Fire PyromaniacsGood2Go Flyball Shoe SmugglersR3
179Skidmarkz Tail WindRuff Enuff Ruff Enuff OpenO1
180BC Boomerangs NOR'EASTERSDixie Flyers BarnStormersO12
181Barkaholics Hold Your LickerTexas Twisters EF5 - Finger of GodO8
182Bay Racers Road TripFur in a Blur CycloneO2
183Long Island Road Rage RoundtripTurbo Paws DownforceO10
184Happy Hurdlers Skip***BYE***R5
185Outrun On The Road AgainNo Speed Limit - Speeding TicketO11